Sandra, a mother of two young beautiful daughters, lived in Monterey County, California. However, as ethereal the place may have been, she felt a need for change due to having live in the cold Pacific coastal community all her life. She needed a new surrounding. She needed a new city. She needed ...a new home.

One day, she decided to see if she could get a home loan. Sandra wasn't sure if she could get approved but she decided to try anyway. She submitted a pre-approval request online and to her surprise, she got approved! Her excitement was through the roof and she started searching for homes right away.

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After tediously searching online, she came upon a beautiful spacious home in the north eastern San Diego town of Escondido, California. It was surrounded by a pleasant neighborhood completed with parks perfect for her dogs and daughters to run and play in. The grocery store was just around the corner and her new job working with homeless veterans was right down the street. This place was just perfect in many ways but most importantly it was perfect in helping raise her family the way she felt best.

She requested more information regarding this home online and unexpectedly, her request was sent to multiple real-estate agents. Call after call, she had real estate agents contacting her, leaving intrusive voice messages. Feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, she decided to work with a handful of them. Unfortunately, she soon found out getting this house wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

After poorly experiencing four real estate agents who weren't thorough with describing the home-purchasing process and who also seemed to rush the sale, she became a little dis-heartened. "It shouldn't be this difficult to buy a home." she thought to herself. However, shortly after, she received a phone call from a woman by the name of Cheryl.

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Cheryl was an experienced realtor who had teamed up with her husband, Ruben, who was also experienced in the real estate process. They were a solid duo and they understood the frustration Sandra felt in trying to get her dream home. With no pressure at all, Cheryl gave a detailed pamphlet with all the information Sandra needed to fully understand the home-purchasing process. She even provided her a template of the contract so she could see all the details of what it took to make this dream home...her home.

Sandra soon became excited again and decided to proceed through this new real-estate duo she now has on her side. They were very patient with Sandra through the entire process even after she made a mistake causing Ruben and Cheryl to start the escrow process not once, but twice. Going through this life-changing step was painless thanks to her new real-estate team. Today, she comfortably resides in her dream home with her boyfriend, two beautiful daughters and her energetic dogs.

One day, this U.S. Air Force veteran dreams to explore Europe of it's historical architecture and maybe help homeless veterans in other parts of the world. As for now, her dream of having a warm, welcoming home for her and her family, has been made true all thanks to the kindness and expertise of Ruben and Cheryl. Her story, which started from has moved onto a new chapter, in a new place, a new home.  

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