If there was one thing she was looking for, Ruben and Cheryl have it.

She was looking to re-locate to another part of San Diego county to help start her dream business. As a wife, mother, registered nurse and entrepreneur, she doesn't have time to do the work of selling her home. She knew she needed a realtor's help so she contacted a few of them. To her dismay, she was flabbergasted by the lack of effort some of these realtors displayed. One, simply wanted an 'easy' sale. The others simply did not have the knowledge required to effectively sell a home in Escondido, where her home is located.

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Her and her husband started searching online for more qualified realtors. They stumbled upon Ruben and Cheryl and according to their very positive reviews, it seemed they were the best match for what they needed. Shortly after contacting them, Ruben and Cheryl started the process of getting their home ready to list. They were thoroughly impressed by how quickly their new realtors cherished their need to sell their home. Not only did they show they are very knowledgeable and experienced with the Escondido real-estate market, they are also very honest with their clients. This tremendously helped her manage her expectations and proved they have the one thing she was truly looking for. Honesty. Due to their honesty, she found she could trust them and since she could trust them, she became very happy and excited to have such a fantastic duo working very hard and effectively to make this process as easy as possible for her and her family.

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Now, they're in the finalizing stages of getting her spacious five bedroom, four bathroom with over 3,500 square feet home ready to list. Located in the beautiful and friendly Eureka Springs neighborhood, it appears their home should sell quite quickly. Want to get it before it's listed? Contact Ruben and Cheryl. Go to the link below:

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